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branding – WILDER GOODS
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August 6, 2016

agency: Think to Make
creative direction: Ryan Lee, Joel Barnard
design: Ryan Lee

When I got the call to work on a cannabis product, I was wary to say the least. After all, here in Colorado, the branding and marketing of everything weed so far was all very bongs and boobs. The designer assured me this was different and convinced me to come in to see the working prototypes and hear the founders’ story. Not only had they come up with a beautiful, ingenious solution for child-resistant safety packaging, they had a very refined sense of good branding. I also loved that they were simply using cannabis as their launch pad into all other industries that require safety packaging. Unfortunately, they have run into significant issues with producing the product here in America (which in non-negotiable for them), so it hasn’t come to market yet and I can’t actually show the product here.


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July 9, 2016

agency: EMEHT.
creative direction: John Lee, Jiae Kim
design: Nicholas Skyles

When you think of cider producing regions in America, Austin, Texas hasn’t exactly been the epicenter. Austin Eastciders is turning that notion on its head. Their apples come from centuries-old cider apple orchards in Europe, which means their cider isn’t overly-sweet like most American ciders. They make it that way because it’s how cider was made when it was the most popular alcoholic beverage in America. You know, before Prohibition went and ruined everything.

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ISSUU – Brand Ads

May 16, 2016

agency: in-house
creative direction: Jeremy Lacroix
design: Rachel Rochelle

No matter what type of magazine or other publication you produce, issuu will publish it on their site in a beautiful reader for a worldwide audience to enjoy. You also have the option of embedding it on your own site or blog, sharing it on any of your social channels or printing it to distribute traditionally. Currently, there are over 26 million free-to-read publications available on issuu. This was a down-and-dirty brand campaign to attract new publishers.


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